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Correct Planning Translates Success

Caledonia Builders, Inc. provides planning services to effectively determine the levels of risk to a project and investment. Key factors are market conditions, investment returns, availability of capital, obstacles, government and community relations as well as the physical construction of the project.


Broad Experience

Caledonia Builders, Inc. consistently researches market sales to forecast future development opportunities thru its real estate agent advisors. CBI's also has in depth understanding of governmental affairs and policies through extensive experience working with Federal, state and Local governmental agencies such as HUD, PHA, PHFA, RDA, NBHA and others.



Caledonia Builders, Inc. analyzes demographics, spending and employment trends to determine demand of a specific project. Caledonia Builders, Inc. studies the competitive supply of comparable projects existing and planned, to determine the financial viability and structure of a proposed plan and investment.

Evaluating Risk

CBI analyzes the obstacles to the plan including benefits and potential zoning changes, civic and government engagement, conceptual costs and scheduling as a means to alleviate risks. CBI studies potential zoning changes that may add or decrease value of the project. CBI also engages the community through a series of meetings to outline potential plans, receive feedback and to garner support for the project.

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Establishing Strategies

With the proper due diligence, CBI can establish acquisition and development strategies that maximize value. A clear plan based on CBI's planning services will minimize risk in terms of time, costs and returns.

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