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Achieving the goal of timely & cost effective Construction

Caledonia Builders, Inc. provides construction management services, along with the construction experience of our in house experienced staff and or a respected joint venture partner when necessary, to provide owners with a reliable ally to control the entire development process. As construction manager, Caledonia Builders, Inc. manages costs, schedules, and quality controls on behalf of the Owner.

Pre-construction Services

Caledonia Builders, Inc. skilled staff produces preliminary schedules and budgets for continual refinement of a program scope. CBI also maintains a continuous link between project scope and budget by introducing cost saving opportunities while maintaining the quality of a project.

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Procurement Plans

Caledonia Builders, Inc. ensures quality and value at the subcontractor level through a complete assessment of the construction documents with the architect to achieve the client's development goals within budget and schedule considerations.

Construction Services

During construction Caledonia Builders, Inc. monitors and documents all activities including safety and conformance with plans and specifications, as part of a total quality control program. Caledonia Builders, Inc. prepares for post construction activities at the onset of the project, including preparing for certificates of occupancy, early creation and monitoring of punch list items as well as preparation of the operation and maintenance manuals and training.

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